Moka Pot Sputtering

Moka Pot Sputtering

A moka pot can sputter for many reasons. But, the presence of debris, abnormal pressure and wrong brewing techniques are commonly responsible for this issue.

Moreover, other reasons can create sputtering in a moka pot. In this post, we will discuss them and share how you can prevent this trouble.

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What Are The Causes Behind Moka Pot Sputtering?

In addition to the above reasons, a moka pot can sputter for the following reasons.

The temperature is very high

Sputtering can happen if your moka pot boils the water faster because of the high temperature. Higher heat can cause excess pressure in the pot, which is one of the common reasons behind sputtering.

The filter is clogged

Moka pots’ filters often get clogged due to the uneven distribution of coffee grounds. Besides, many users pack their coffee ground too tightly, which block the filter. Both of them are frequent reasons that can cause sputtering.

The base chamber is filled with insufficient water

If the amount of water in a moka pot’s base chamber is insufficient, the water will be boiled quickly, creating an imbalanced pressure. This abnormality in the pressure can force the coffee to sputter out of the spout.

You haven’t sealed the moka pot properly

Sealing a moka pot accurately using high-quality gaskets before brewing is crucial. Otherwise, the higher pressure created in the pot can cause many troubles, including sputtering.

Moka Pot Sputtering

What should you do if your moka pot starts sputtering?

Is your moka pot sputtering? Stop brewing right now and do the followings instead.

a. Turn off the heat source immediately, so the moka pot stops sputtering.

b. Wait until the pot becomes cold. Don’t touch the moka pot immediately to prevent accidental burns.

c. When the pot is cooled, unscrew the upper part and disassemble it.

d. Inspect the filter carefully to see whether it has any presence of coffee grounds or debris.

e. Clean the filter thoroughly and reassemble the pot.

f. Screw all the parts firmly together and place the pot on a stovetop for brewing again.

How can you prevent moka pot sputtering?

You can prevent the sputtering issue by following some simple precautions. For example:

Brew the coffee at the right temperature

Never brew moka pot coffee at too high or low a temperature. The ideal temperature for such brewing is around 95°C, making perfect coffee without sputtering.

Measure the accurate level of water

Insufficient or excess amount of water often causes sputtering issues. So, you should check the water level carefully and adjust it if needed. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best outcome.

Keep the moka pot and the filter clean

A leading reason for moka pot sputtering is a clogged filter. Regular cleaning is the only way to keep the filter clean and functional. Clean your moka pot and the filter routinely and ensure water can effortlessly pass through the filter.

Choosing the Right Grind Size

The medium-fine grind is the best type of coffee ground for moka pot brewing. This grind is easy to brew in a moka pot and provides the ideal extraction. In contrast, you should not use too fine a grind because it can cause sputtering when passing the water through the filter.

FAQs on moka pot sputtering

How to troubleshoot a Moka pot sputtering?

If your moka pot sputters, you can start troubleshooting the issue by checking the heat source and adjusting the water level. Also, you can check the gaskets and clean the filter to try again if the previous two attempts do not work.

Is sputtering a sign that it is time to clean your Moka pot?

Yes, sometimes it can be a notification of cleaning your moka pot. You should clean the pot after noticing sputtering since debris, and jammed coffee grounds often cause the issue.

Are there any accessories to reduce the Moka pot sputtering?

You can reduce the risk of moka pot sputtering with carefulness. But for extra safety, you can use accessories like a pressure regulator valve and a fine mesh filter.

Final words

Moka pot sputtering is a common trouble that you can face anytime while brewing. Fortunately, you can prevent this issue by following precautions like the above. These suggestions will help you diagnose and solve the actual fault immediately at home.

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