54mm vs 58mm Portafilters

Comparing 54mm vs 58mm Portafilters for Espresso Perfection

The most noticeable difference between a 54mm and 58mm portafilter is their sizes. A 58mm portafilter is quite bigger than a 54mm portafilter. Besides, the distinction in their sizes can affect the quality of espresso and extraction time.

In this post, we will compare both portafilter sizes and learn which you should choose.

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54mm Vs 58mm Portafilter: The Comparison

This comparison chart shows the notable differences between the two sizes of portafilters. Let’s check them out.

Capacity 18 grams of ground coffee.20-22 grams of ground coffee.
compatibilityFits with espresso machines with the same size group heads.Fits with espresso machines with similar size group heads.
Espresso qualityProduces high-quality espresso shots.Produces professional-grade espresso shots.
Extraction timeTakes a short time for extraction. Takes a comparatively long time for extraction. 
Espresso volumeDelivers a smaller volume of espresso.Delivers a larger volume of espresso at once.
Tamper sizeNeeds a 53-54mm tamper.Requires a 57-58mm tamper.
AvailabilityVery common to find.Less available for consumer use.
Cost It is cost-effective for consumers. It is relatively expensive. 

An Overview of 54mm Portafilter

A 54mm portafilter comes with a basket with a diameter of 54mm. It is used to hold coffee grounds in machines requiring this portafilter size. 54mm portafilters can hold 18g of ground coffee, producing smaller espresso shots than bigger basket sizes.


54mm portafilters are only compatible with espresso machines with similar size group heads. For example, you can use this portafilter with Breville Barista Express, Pro, and Touch series.


  • 54mm portafilters are more cost-effective than larger portafilters.
  • You can easily find its replacement parts and accessories.


  • Due to the smaller basket size, you cannot brew more coffee at a time.
  • A 54mm portafilter will produce smaller espresso shots compared to larger models.

Best-suited grind:

The dimension of a portafilter has nothing to do with grind size. Since it is used for producing espresso, a fine grind size will provide good extraction and produce a balanced espresso shot.

54mm vs 58mm

An Overview of 58mm Portafilter

A 58mm portafilter has a basket with a diameter of 58mm. It is bigger in size that suits professional espresso-making. Its basket can hold 20-22g of coffee grounds. So, 58mm portafilters can produce espresso shots.


58mm portafilters are mostly used in professional espresso machines. But it is also compatible with some models of home espresso machines with similar size group heads. For example, a 58mm portafilter fits Gaggia Classic Pro.


  • 58mm portafilters are larger and can hold more coffee at a time.
  • It produces bigger espresso shots compared to smaller portafilters.


  • It can be more expensive for home espresso baristas.
  • You can fall into trouble while looking for replacement parts and accessories.

Best-suited grind:

The size of a portafilter does not decide the ideal grind to use. As an espresso-making tool, you should fill it with a fine grind for good extraction and a well-balanced espresso shot.

The Effect of Portafilter Size On Espresso Extraction

The size of a portafilter basket subtly impacts espresso extraction. For example, a bigger portafilter causes better water-to-coffee interaction and extracts rich-flavored espresso.

A larger basket size, like 58mm, holds more amount of coffee grounds. Thus it creates a greater surface area for water to interact with and extract flavor. It leads to a high-quality extraction and produces a more balanced espresso shot.

In contrast, a smaller basket size, like 54mm, contains less coffee. So, the surface area becomes tiny for water to interact with. As a result, the extraction quality can alter a little, which delivers a relatively concentrated espresso shot.

But this comparison does not measure which size produces better beverages. Both sizes have pros and cons that can affect the quality of the espresso.

Final Verdict

The wrap-up of this comparison is that 54mm portafilters are a good option for users needing smaller espresso shots. That’s why this filter is widely used in consumer-grade espresso machines. On the other hand, 58mm portafilters are comparatively bigger and perfect for commercial use. Top of Form

FAQs Section

Q. Is a larger portafilter better?

Larger portafilters provide some additional advantages, like holding more coffee grounds for a big espresso shot at a time. But technically, both large and small filter baskets are designed to deliver the best espresso shot possible.

Q. What is the most popular portafilter size?

For commercial espresso machines, 58mm is the most popular choice. In the case of consumer espresso machines, the size differs a lot.

Q. Can I use the same tamper for 54mm and 58mm portafilters?

In short, you cannot use the same size tamper for 54mm and 58mm portafilters. For using a tamper, its base dimension must match the size of the filter basket.

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